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DZEDienstzeitende (German)
DZEDead Zone Eliminator (fiber optics aid)
DZEDavis Zarchek Experience (Albuquerque, NM band)
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In dze garten zis morning,' proceeded his visitor, grinning like a gargoyle, 'I did zee you giss Violed.
But she do push dze zide of my face, and my lof is durned to hate.
Dere some hard vord vos,' said Adolf, patiently, 'of which I gannot dze meaning.
But,' proceeded Adolf, 'of one vord, of dze vord "giss", I dze meaning know.
Brezendly, ven I haf dze zilver bolished und my odder dudies zo numerous berformed, I do Herr Blazzervig vil vith von liddle szdory vich you do know go.
In Lamnso', my natal language, there is the saying, wan dze wan a dze lim Nyuy: a baby/child is a baby/child, a handiwork of God.
We chose to use Borland Enterprise Server as the deployment environment for DZE 5.
n Cup Georgian backrow Mamuka Gorgodze punched the goalpost padding as Sexton's kick sailed over, and it krow dze alas k was hard not to sympathise with the man who was named manof-the-match for an all-round performance.
Dan Sherkow, COO of Global Universal Entertainment commented, "While growing up together as childhood friends in Milwaukee, David Zucker and I spoke of one day working together and now I believe that time has come with the pending collaboration between DZE and GBHL.
As in every system within the CPC at all levels and regions between the two lines struggle as Mao Dze Dong named it (Pei 2009, Du et al.
20) The collection Gore Rinoyera re Sangano kana Mavangeri e Masondo: Nee Misi mikuru minamato ne ndwiyo dze gore rinoyera re Sangano zwimwe zwimwe zwiro: Kwakabarwa nge wadzidzisi we St.
h arm Dze f i United's night went from bad to worse just before the break when Taylor (left) was shown a straight red card for catching Aguero on the head with a swinging arm.