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DZIDetroit Zoological Institute
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Now 60% of UBB-Metlafe will move to DZI together with newly acquired 40%.
One day when he was drumming and uttering the sounds Dzi, Cha, Cha.
Schwartz worked exclusively in black and white, which clashes jarring with the display of color one immediately associates with Dzi Croquettes as evidenced in existing archival images and their world as portrayed in the Alvarez-Issa documentary.
Vhamunicipala a vha shumi, humbulani zwa kale, dzi roboto dzo shuma Thohoyandou, vhathu vhasongo hangwa uri mushumo u a pfa hani, li doda duvha
Both Andronov and Chan-durov will retain their respective positions at CiBank and DZI.
Through CIBank and DZI Insurance, KBC is the main bancassurance player in Bulgaria, with a dense network for distributing banking and insurance products.
The Belgian group is the main bancassurer in Bulgaria, one of its key markets, through CIBank and local insurer DZI Insurance (BUL:6D5), KBC said.
Around 80 thousand students will be participating in the final exams at the three provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya, Arbil, and Duhuk for the current academic year, and we hereby call on all students to abide the instructions of the ministry," Dzi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency
For example, ma rtsa is pronounced as mar tsa, mi rgod as mir god, snga rgol as sngar gol, phyi rgol as phyir gol, bcu rgu as bcur gu, tho rgod as thor god, nga rgyal as ngar gyal, rdo rje as rdor je, lo rgyus as lor gyus, 'o rtsam as 'or tsam, chu rtsed as chur tsed, bya rgod as byar god, blo rgod as blor god, bu rdzi as bur dzi, ba rzi as bar dzi, lo rgan as lor gan, mi rgan as mir gan, pho rgod as phor god, kha rje as khar je, rgya rgan as rgyar gan, dge rgan as dger gan, bla rgan as blar gan, dmu rgod as dmur god, pha rgan as phar gan, ha rgod as har god and khyi rgan as khyir gan.
Patrick Magnier Delighted by Dzi We have followed Overdose since last summer and are so pleased with him.
Con performances que quebraban las fronteras de genero en su lirica y presencia en el palco, artistas como el grupo de cabaret Dzi Croquetes y la estrella de rock Ney Matrogrosso, que se asumio publicamente como homosexual, contribuyeron a la visibilidad en el pais de identidades sexuales que rompian con la heteronormatividad (Silverio Trevisan, 2000).
Graham sites and summit shrines atop another Apache holy mountain, dzi igayi (Mt.