DZNEDeutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen (German: German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases)
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In addition to the DZNE, CRTD, and the MPIB, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in SrbrE-cken and the Institute for Geoinformatics and the Department of Behavioural Biology at the University of ME-nster were also involved in this project.
Tenders Are Invited for Construction of Gas-fitting installation work - TUD ZIK B CUBE + DZNE Neurodeg.
Contract notice for TUD ZIK B CUBE + DZNE Neurodeg.
The DZNE want a Cryo sample storage system (liquid nitrogen) at the additional components and integrate them into its biorepository.
gt; External service provider for the technology transfer and innovation management, to assist the non-university institute of its nine sites in Germany with counseling and recovery services to research results of DZNE (materials, expertise, research data, inventions and existing because of protection).
gt; Counseling and recovery services for all produced at DZNE og research of various disciplines (basic, health and health services research, clinical research, population studies), with much of the research results because of the institutional structure of DZNE from the collaboration with one or more partners emerge ,