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DAAGDeputy Assistant Attorney General
DAAGData Analysis and Graphics Using R (textbook)
DAAGDeputy Assistant Adjutant General (British Army)
DAAGData Access Architecture Guide (Microsoft Corporation)
DAAGDose Assessment Advisory Group
DAAGData Analysis and Authentication Group
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As per details Worker Welfare Board (WWB) acquired land measuring 400 Kanals for construction of Labor Complex at Daag Ismail Khel District Nowshera through private negotiation.
Karakters kan slegs die morele norme wat deur die gemeenskap geskep word op geloofwaardige wyse teenstaan indien die historiese en sosiale omstandighede van hulle eis om die norme uit te daag.
In die vyfde tablo daag die beeswagter op en se hoe spyt hy is dat die beeste gesteel is.
286) According to the OIG, three of the five DAAGs who reviewed Operation Fast and Furious wiretaps indicated that they focused their attention on whether sufficient legal grounds were demonstrated in an application to support a wiretap, as opposed to evaluating the public safety implications of investigative procedures employed in the earlier phases of an operation.
Die openingsverhaal word interessant aangebied en daag die leser uit om dieper te delf en verder te dink.
Rajesh Khanna, touted as Hindi cinema's first superstar, began his acting career with Aakhri Khat in 1966 and rose to prominence with his performances in films like Raaz, Do Raaste, Anand, Amar Prem and Aradhana, Daag.
Following the stake sale, Frank Castellano, the president of DAAG, will join A Clean Slate as president and chief operating officer, while keeping his position at DAAG, the target firm said in a press release.
The explosion took place at 1pm in Lahore Daag area of Marawara district, where Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams (CTP) were escorting foreign troops,
Daag mere naam pe and Gullu Ustaad stood out with the Bronze Telefilm award and Best actor (male) awards respectively.
20 -- Pradeep Sarkar after delivering a critical and box office success with his debut feature Parineeta had faltered in his next one, Laga Chunari Mein Daag but with Lafangey Parindey he has managed to get back in form and has succeeded in giving masala entertainer.
Meanwhile, a bullet-riddled body was found in Daag Hasan Khel area of the district.
John Pilvines and his wife Ann, Lynne Nybro and her husband Daag, James Pilvines and his wife Lori; 9 great grandchildren: Anthony R.