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DACODevelopment Assistance Coordination Office (Sierra Leone)
DACODowntown Athletic Club of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
DACODeputy Administrator for Commodity Operations (USDA)
DACODoula Association of Central Oklahoma (est. 1998)
DACODeparture Airfield Control Officer
DACODivisional Administrative Contracting Officer
DACODiplomate, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists (certification)
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Founded in 2007, DACO Logistics was joined by many experts with long experience from many leading logistics companies in Vietnam.
As part of the annual DACO support, the ICAT is charged with several overarching requirements that affect multiple proposals.
Daco estimated that will pull $113 billion out of the economy -- money that mostly would have otherwise been spent on goods and services.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: ICGC, International Cancer Genome Consortium; IDAC, International Data Access Committee; DACO, Data Access Compliance Office.
One reason: Sandy struck on Monday rather than Sunday, idling a larger number of workers, according to Daco at IHS Global Insight.
CRIME FIGHT: Sergeant Simon Daco in the pulpit at St Andrew's in Clubmoor Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
64 per pound of coffee at the retail level -- a price set by the local government consumer-protection agency DACO in order to protect local farmers.
This was followed by an antigen retrieval heating step, with a citrate buffer (10% target retrieval solution, DACO, Carpinteria, CA), at 90 [degrees] C for 30 minutes.
His new book, "The Six-Hat Salesperson," is available in bookstores or from DaCo Corporation.
In addition to its LANTIRN-equipped F-16s, for instance, some Dutch F-16A(R) Block-15 aircraft reportedly carry the Orpheus recce pod, developed by the Dutch Air Force and marketed by the Daco Products (Antwerpen, Belgium).
A note accompanying entry 22 states that excerpts from act 1 of the 1931 Bayreuth performance were issued on LP by Danacord (Great Singers in Copenhagen, DACO 131-33).