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DAKDeutsche Angestellten-Krankenkasse (German health insurance)
DAKDma Acknowledge
DAKDisney's Animal Kingdom
DAKDouble Above Knee (amputation)
DAKDouble Action Kellerman (firearm)
DAKDeutsche Afrika-Korps (German forces in North Africa during WWII)
DAKDoes Anybody Know?
DAKDakloozen Actie Komitee (Dutch: Homeless Action Committee; Belgium)
DAKDanish Krone (monetary unit)
DAKDebian Archive Kit
DAKDead At Keyboard
DAKDrew Alan Kaplan (DAK Industries)
DAKD-side Access Keypad
DAKDeny All Knowledge
DAKData Acknowledge
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The stark choice facing Danes was expressed by one Copenhagen small shop owner, who said: 'I don't want to give up the Danish krone and I don't mind losing out a bit if interest rates go up as a consequence.
Warning of the consequences of rejection of the Euro in a referendum that may be staged before March 2002, she emphasised that the Danish Krone is very vulnerable to attack by speculators, which might lead to a rise in interest rates and oblige the Government to introduce austerity measures.
The Greek Drachma and the Danish Krone were stronger than their respective central rates.
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