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DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services
DANTESDemonstrate and Assess New Tools for Environmental Sustainability (2002-2005; EU Life-Environment)
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Dantes continued at his post in spite of the presence of the pilot, until this manoeuvre was completed, and then he added, "Half-mast the colors, and square the yards
Morrel," said Dantes, approaching, "the vessel now rides at anchor, and I am at your service.
Morrel looked around him, and then, drawing Dantes on one side, he said suddenly -- "And how is the emperor?
Why, it was he who spoke to me, sir," said Dantes, with a smile.
Dantes, you must tell my uncle that the emperor remembered him, and you will see it will bring tears into the old soldier's eyes.
Talking of Captain Leclere, has not Dantes given you a letter from him?
I was passing close to the door of the captain's cabin, which was half open, and I saw him give the packet and letter to Dantes.
Morrel, I beg of you," said he, "not to say a word to Dantes on the subject.
And," inquired Dantes, with some hesitation, "do you know how my father is?
True, Dantes, I forgot that there was at the Catalans some one who expects you no less impatiently than your father -- the lovely Mercedes.
cried Dantes, his eyes sparkling with animation; "pray mind what you say, for you are touching on the most secret wishes of my heart.
If I were sole owner we'd shake hands on it now, my dear Dantes, and call it settled; but I have a partner, and you know the Italian proverb -- Chi ha compagno ha padrone --