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A dark galaxy in the Virgo cluster, VCC 1287, and another in Coma, Dragonfly 17, each have a total mass of about 70 billion to 90 billion suns.
Caption: Same but not Dark galaxy Dragonfly 44 (pictured) is a ghostly behemoth, weighing about as much as the Milky Way-roughly 1 trillion times the mass of the sun-but with a mere 1 percent of our galaxy's stars (stellar mass comparison at right).
The existence of this low-mass dark galaxy is just within the bounds we expect if the Universe is composed of dark matter which has a low temperature.
Meteoric streaks in Falling Stars, 2010; a spider's handicraft in Web Ladder, 2010; a stretch of cosmos in Dark Galaxy, 2010: The diffusiveness and complexity of Celmins's themes pose particular challenges to representation.
London, November 23 (ANI): New calculations by a team of astronomers have indicated that a dark galaxy may be crashing into our own Milky Way.
A dark galaxy is an area in the universe containing a large amount of mass that rotates like a galaxy, but contains no stars.
An eclipse, left, shows the region of sky where the dark galaxy VIRGOH121 was found
Our approach to the problem of detecting a dark galaxy was simply to shine a bright light on it, co-author Simon Lilly explained in a statement on July 12.
A dark galaxy is an area containing a large amount of mass that rotates like a galaxy, but contains no stars.
And there is the elegance of Tatsuo Miyajima's floor-to-ceiling installation in the Japanese hall of 2,450 blue LEDs: a dark galaxy we enter into; numbers ticking off a countdown to the millennium; a sea of blinking time.
Known as Malin 1, the dark galaxy is located in the direction of the famous cluster of galaxies in the constellation Virgo, but it does not belong to that cluster, and lies in fact some distance beyond it--715 million light-years from earth--in one of the recently discovered voids of space, where few or no galaxies appear to be.