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DARWINData Analysis and Retrieval with Indexed Nucleotide/Peptide Sequences (Computational Biochemistry Research Group)
DARWINDesign Assessment of Reliability with Inspection (probabilistic method)
DARWINDevelopmental Aeronautics Revolutionizing Wind- tunnels with Intelligent Systems for NASA
DARWINDynamic Analytical Reporting Web-based Interactive Navigator
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Indeed, much of the evidence presented seems to be for an association of Darwin with certain ideas or social movements and for Darwin's personal reaction to slavery.
Darwin is considered to be Australia's northern gateway and in 2011 Australians were the No.
Darwin plagiarized the theory of evolution by means of natural section;
Passengers are advised to not make their way to the terminal as the Darwin Airport Terminal will be closed.
These chapters engagingly introduce readers to the myriad experiences that prepared Darwin for Galapagos, including his time in the Andes, in the rainforests of Brazil, at the Falkland Islands, and at Tierra del Fuego.
It is anticipated that the project will illuminate such private relationships as that of Darwin with his elder surviving daughter, Henrietta.
Perhaps the lust surprise is that Darwin was not born the middle-aged man with a beard, seen staring rather anxiously out from so many book covers and museum posters.
Collections manager Mathew Lowe said: "To have rediscovered a Beagle specimen in the 200th year of Darwin's birth is special enough, but to have evidence Darwin himself broke it is a wonderful twist.
Around 50 elderly mourners came to pay their respects to Mr Darwin, but his grandsons, Anthony and Mark Darwin, who disowned their father after his lies came to light, were not among them.
Jack Sennott, Darwin's Chief Operating Officer, added, "The Darwin team is very proud of the franchise we have built over the last five-and-a-half years and is excited about our future as a key component of Allied World.
JOHN and Anne Darwin were each jailed for more than six years yesterday for carrying out a "determined, sustained and sophisticated" pounds 250,000 fraud by faking Mr Darwin's death in a canoeing accident.
BACK-from-the-dead canoeist John Darwin turned himself in to police because he wanted to be reunited with his sons, a court heard.