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DDLData Definition Language
DDLDirect Download
DDLDisegno di Legge (Italian: Drawing of Law)
DDLDéveloppement Durable de la Lecture (French: Sustainable Development of Reading)
DDLDynamique du Langage (French: Dynamics of Language)
DDLDrop-Down List (user interface)
DDLDépartement des Langues (French: Language Department)
DDLDirect Drive Linear (motor)
DDLDaniel Day-Lewis (actor)
DDLDocument Description Language
DDLDolby Digital Live
DDLDirect Disc Labeling
DDLDescription Data Language
DDLDifferential Delay Line
DDLDatabase Design Language
DDLDungeon Definition Language
DDLDigital Driving Level
DDLDialog Directory List
DDLDrop Down List
DDLDatabase Definition Language
DDLData Description Language
DDLDelicious Design League (Chicago, IL)
DDLDonald's Dream Land (Donald Duck)
DDLDevice Description Language
DDLDigital Delay Line
DDLDigital Data Link
DDLDanse des Lettres (French animation software)
DDLD Dynamic Libraries (library loading)
DDLDear Doctor Letter (pharmaceutical marketing)
DDLDelegation Of Disclosure Authority Letter
DDLDebard-David-Le Corvec (French architecture firm)
DDLDirect Downlink
DDLDispersive Delay Line
DDLDigital Distance Learning
DDLData Downlink (NASA)
DDLDimensions Development Library (IBM)
DDLDemolition Derby League
DDLDigital Driver's License
DDLData Design Language
DDLData Distribution List
DDLDocument Distribution List
DDLDictionnaire de Didactique des Langues (French: Dictionary of Language Teaching)
DDLDépartement de Didactique des Langues (French: Department of Language Didactics; University of Quebec at Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
DDLDetector Development Laboratory (NASA)
DDLDedicated Data Link
DDLDigital Data Library
DDLDocument Definition Language
DDLData Design Laboratory
DDLDependable Dealers List (PEZ collectors)
DDLDesign Document Listing
DDLDirect Drive Laser Printer
DDLDiode-Diode Logic
DDLDiplôme de Didactique des Langues (French: Diploma in Language Teaching; various locations)
DDLDesign Data Laboratory
DDLDetergent and Decontamination Liquid
DDLDisplay Directory List
DDLDirect Down/Data Link
DDLDevices and Diagnostic Letter (aka Orange Sheet; technology journal)
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In addition to its core functions, the Dialogue Manager suite includes a Screen Analyzer for automatically reverse-engineering host screens, a Sequencer for use in developing applications which must proceed in a fixed sequence such as filling in forms, plus a Data Description Language, tooling for generating appropriate descriptions automatically and a set of application maintenance facilities.
The patented Dynamic Generation of Schema Information for Data Description Languages template within Logidex was invented by LogicLibrary's Brent Carlson, Tim Graser, and Dave Gross.