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DIDDirect Inward Dial(ing)
DIDData Item Description
DIDDance India Dance (Indian reality TV show)
DIDDefense-In-Depth (Nuclear Power)
DIDDifferences in Differences (econometrics)
DIDDamsels in Distress
DIDDissociative Identity Disorder (human psychology)
DIDDevice Identifier
DIDDriver Identification
DIDDigital Identification
DIDDefense Industry Daily (publication)
DIDDocuments pour l'Intégration et le Développement (French: Documents for Integration and Development; disability)
DIDDesert Island Disc
DIDDéchets Industriels Dangereux (French: Hazardous Industrial Waste)
DIDDiabète Insulinodépendant (French: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes)
DIDDepartment of International Development
DIDDigital Information Display
DIDDéveloppement International Desjardins
DIDData Identifier
DIDData Interface Definition (computing)
DIDData Interface Device
DIDDirect Injection Diesel
DIDDirect Inward Dialing
DIDDigital Id
DIDDirect Id
DIDDisk Id
DIDDevice Id
DIDDefense in Depth
DIDDestination Id
DIDData Import Descriptor
DIDDiagnostic Identifier
DIDDigital Information Development (Japan)
DIDDistributed Interactive Simulation
DIDDigital Image Design (Software Company)
DIDDouble Immunodiffusion
DIDDepartment of Irrigation and Drainage (Malaysia)
DIDDudes in Dresses
DIDDischarge Ionization Detector
DIDDriver Information Database
DIDDynamic Infrastructure Discovery (Insightix)
DIDDigital Interface Device
DIDDetail Issues Depot (Australia)
DIDDied in Department (UK)
DIDDriver's Integrated Display
DIDDomain Identification Device
DIDDatamation Industry Directory
DIDDansk Ishockey Dommerklub (Denmark ice hockey referees)
DIDDigitization and Interoperability Division (US Army data standardization office)
DIDDivision of Isotope Development
DIDDimensional Installation Drawings (NASA)
DIDDeterministic Identification Capacity
DIDDynamic Interaction Diagnostic
DIDDesign Interface Document
DIDData ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Dienst (Dutch governmental department)
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The purchase order number is assigned by the customer and added a data identifier in the front.
In the following example, the length of the number is 5 digits, plus the data identifier (2Q).
In the following example, the length of the number is 5 digit, plus 2 digit data identifier (CI).
It is concluded that the use of a data identifier along with permanent identification numbers for all participate would provide the most effective solution.
The suggested secondary information attribute Secondary Information Data Identifier Length of Digit Serial Shipping Pack Code 1S 15 Purchase Order Number K 8 Quantity(Actual Weight) 2Q 5 Quantity(Actual Length) 1Q 5 Quantity(Pieces) Q 5 Carrier ID Number CI 5
Data identifiers are simple prefixes in codes that indicate the contents of the code to follow.
Data Identifiers and Application Identifiers shall be taken from ISO/IEC 15418, Information Technology--EAN/UCC Application Identifiers and ASC MH 10 Data Identifiers and Maintenance.
In most cases, the addition of the data identifier will be of greatest importance to companies that have not been using it and need to change their label to conform to this standards change.
Data identifiers developed by FACT are relatively new and are not required by all standards.
107-347, a party wishing to file a document containing the personal data identifiers specified above may move for leave to file an unredacted document under seal.
If a redacted document is filed, it is the sole responsibility of counsel and the parties to be sure that all pleadings comply with this notice requiring redaction of personal data identifiers.
These data identifiers, currently under review by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), have been developed by the only broad-based user federation for automatic identification in the world.
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