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DINDeutsches Institut für Normung eV (German Institute for Standardization; similar to US ANSI)
DINDrug Identification Number
DINDigital Input
DINDinar (Yugoslavian national currency)
DINData Input
DINDo It Now (gaming/chat)
DINDissolved Inorganic Nitrogen
DINDigital Network
DINDeutsche Industrie Normen
DINDiscrete Input
DINDeutsche Industrie Norm
DINDocument Identification Number
DINDevelopment in Nigeria
DINDonor Identification Number
DINDirector Identification Number (India)
DINDivision Ingénierie Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Engineering Division; Electricité de France)
DINDoctors Independent Network
DINDarned If I Know
DINDefense Intelligence Network
DINData Identification Number
DINDefense Intelligence Notice
DINDesignee Information Network
DINDeutsche Industrial Norms (German standards agency)
DINDevice Identification Number
DINDepartment of Immigration and Naturalization
DINDivision des Installations Nucléaires (French: Division of Nuclear Installations; Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire)
DINDangerous Incident Notification
DINDedicated Internet Network (private networks connected to the internet)
DINDynamic Instruction Number
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As in the previous budgets we've discussed, all the information for the Manufacturing Overhead Budget is drawn from the Data Input Sheet or previous budgets.
The findings of the research show that a total of 2826 data input clerks are employed by the 77 organisations, and by automating the data inputting process, an average 38% of a data entry clerk's time could be redeployed.
This is achieved by allowing users to only enter part of an address to search and return a full one, reducing the keystrokes needed for data input and ensuring the details are correct.
And, of course, each point of data input engenders transaction costs and increases the potential for input errors, failed filings, and inaccurate reports.
It accepts more than twice as many channels of data input.
can now easily augment electronic serials records with the EBScan Data Input System.
A ruggedized Intermec CV60 touch screen computer with electronic data input capability and user friendly software will drive the system and enable operators to quickly and accurately identify proper marking techniques by part category.
More specifically, we walked through the most important element of this type of budget: the Data Input Sheet.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-23 March 2004-Address data input solution released by FrontRange(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The P14/VT model, which comes with a printer and data input terminal, allows operators to vary the platen temperature between 60 and 180[degrees]C.
The successful selection and implementation of an effective, efficient and easily adopted data input device can make or break the program.
The package consists of a configuration kit that provides the necessary tools to set up data collection, design data input screens, and produce charts.
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