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DDJDr. Dobb's Journal
DDJData Dependent Jitter
DDJDrôles de Jeux (French: Funny Games)
DDJDisc Dog Japan
DDJDynamic Drainage Jar
DDJDousteyssier, Desprez, Joussein (jazz trio; France)
DDJDélégué Départemental Jeunes (French: Young Delegate Department)
DDJDell Disc Jockey (Mp3 Player)
DDJDésormais le Discours du Droit à la Jouissance (French: Right to Enjoyment of Speech)
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Gigaview SA accurately and repeatably quantifies Random Jitter (RJ) and Deterministic Jitter (DJ), Random Noise (RN) and Deterministic Noise (DN), Data Dependent Jitter (DDJ), Total Jitter (TJ) and Total Noise (TN) to 10(-15) Bit Error Rate (BER).
Design and test engineers working on standards such as CEI, XFP, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express can use the DCA-J to quickly measure jitter subcomponents such as random jitter, deterministic jitter, data dependent jitter, pattern jitter, inter-symbol interference and duty cycle jitter.
The Femto 3200 also provides high accuracy random and data dependent jitter separation with throughput fast enough for production test.
By providing fast signal rise times, the bandwidth of these devices minimizes data dependent jitter.