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DORDepartment Of Revenue
DORDirectorate of Resources (UK)
DORDate of Ratification (various organizations)
DORDegree of Redundancy
DORDatabase of Record
DORDirector of Research (various organizations)
DORDirector of Rehabilitation (various organizations)
DORDepartment of Roads
DORDepartment of Rehabilitation (California)
DORDiagnostic Odds Ratio (medical testing)
DORDay of Reckoning
DORDepartment of Radiology (various organizations)
DORDirector of Recruitment (various companies)
DORDesigner of Record
DORDoric (linguistics)
DORDimension Order Routing
DORData Owning Region
DORDimension Ordered Routing (algorithm)
DORDate Of Rank
DORDeadly Orgone
DORDiminishing Ovarian Reserve (fertility)
DORDay of Rest
DORDelta-Opioid Receptor
DORDirección de Orientaciòn Revolucionaria (Spanish: Address of Revolutionary Orientation)
DORDate Of Request
DORDrop on Request
DORDesign Office Review (Department of Colorado)
DORDuty Officer's Report
DORDouble Rotation (NMR)
DORDead on Road (hepetological specimens found during surveys)
DORDivision of Responsibility
DORDate of Retirement
DORDay of Race
DORData Overrun
DORDaily Observation Report (police training)
DORDiocese of Rumbek
DORDepartment of Residence
DORDigital Optical Recording
DORDirectorate of Oilseeds Research (India)
DORDigital Operating Room
DORDance Oriented Rock
DORDue Upon Receipt
DORDirect Oxide Reduction
DORDeclaration of Readiness to Proceed
DORDescription of Requirements
DORDestructive Orgone
DORDuration of Response (clinical observation)
DORDialogue on Race
DORDaily Outage Report
DORDischarge on Request
DORDue-Out Release
DORDetailed Outage Report
DORDual-Offset Reflector
DORDiocese of the Resurrection
DORDropped Own Request
DORDifferential Oneway Range
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With his date of retirement on March 31 coming nearer, Prof.
It was noted that "OROP implies that uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.
For the figure of PS429,000, they had actuaries work out what sum I would need to invest today to achieve the same benefits to what I would have had on my date of retirement, had I been allowed to carry on through the police.
If a plan's design is to pay participants 2 percent of average annual salary (end-of-career average) per year of service, and an employee is going to retire making $50,000 per year, then the plan is promising the employee, just for that current year of service, $1,000 per year from the date of retirement through assumed mortality.
If your monthly pension does not increase every year you better have a few million extra in hand to offset the impact of inflation after your date of retirement.
In other words, the technical premises used for the original calculation of the benefit and the provision of benefits did not change from those defined when the contract was made years, sometimes even decades, before the date of retirement.
The only characteristic beyond date of retirement that seems to influence the timing is college education: those with some college are more likely to delay benefits than those who haven't attended.
b) If the person attempting to retire establishes that the only service credited in the month after the proposed date of retirement was as the result of an oversight on the member's part or on the part of the employee's department, the member may petition the executive director for relief.
Not for the first time in his illustrious career, Ferguson has been at the centre of intense speculation about his date of retirement.
There is no question that all of the research data shows that people are pushing back their expected date of retirement," Salsbury said.