DATTADiagnostic and Therapeutic Technology Assessment (American Medical Association)
DATTADesign and Technology Teachers Association (Australia)
DATTADistrict Attorneys' Technology Theft Association
DATTADepositions and Trial Testimony Archive
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Datta earned a place as member of the editorial board as a result of his “exemplary performance” as a significant reviewer of the journal.
They held Datta, his wife Prabha (67) and son Animesh captive and ransacked the house before making off with Rs.
Datta banked his cash for a tenner stake - despite not seeing a football until he emigrated to Britain.
Amba Datta works on a range of government contract-related matters, including contract disputes and bid protests before the U.
I am getting several calls seeking to ban the screening of the movie," Datta said.
Saugata Datta from Kansas State University and his colleague Karen Johannesson from Tulane University recently completed a study looking at the ponds and reached this conclusion after modelling the transport of the pond's organic matter through the meters of sand and clay to the aquifers below.
According to media reports, Four US missiles hit a house in Datta Khel in North Waziristan tribal region killing 8 people present in the house while several others were injured, the officials said.
Indian economist Datta collects 35 of his essays exploring various topics connected to Indian institutions and the transition to liberalism.
Datta organizes his material sequentially, building up the essential blocks of foundational mathematics and engineering concepts, while providing examples of how to use these concepts to create useful programs.
Established in 1982, DATTA reports examine the safety and efficacy of a drug, device, or procedure applied for specific indications.
RIA offers users a more engaging online experience, but it is difficult for traditional search engines to index them," said Aman Datta, vice president at Roundarch.