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DOLDepartment Of Labor
DOLDirectorate Of Logistics
DOLDepartment of Licensing
DOLDead on the Law
DOLDirty Old Lady
DOLDivision of Licensing (various organizations)
DOLDolce (music; sweetly, softly)
DOLDeauville St-Gatien (airport; France)
DOLDII (Defense Information Infrastructure) Online
DOLDivision of Occupational Licensing (Alaska)
DOLDiscount Off List Price
DOLDigital Optical Link
DOLData on Line
DOLDepartment of Livestock (various nations)
DOLDe Oppresso Liber (Latin: To Liberate the Opressed; gaming clan)
DOLDirect On Line (method of starting an electric motor)
DOLDivision of Labour
DOLDaily Oral Language (education)
DOLDays of Our Lives (TV soap opera)
DOLDate Of Loss (insurance)
DOLDirector of Logistics
DOLDegree of Liking (food science)
DOLDegree of Operating Leverage (accounting)
DOLDay of Life
DOLDream of Life (book and album)
DOLDay of Launch
DOLDoctor of Literature
DOLDying of Laughter
DOLDisplay Oriented Language
DOLData Object List
DOLDelta Obstruction Lighting (aircraft warning light systems)
DOLDieing of Laughter
DOLDude of Life
DOLDispersed Operating Location
DOLSaint Gatien airport, France (airport code)
DOLDirector Of Laboratories
DOLDemocracy On-Line
DOLDispersed Operations Location
DOLData Off-Loading
DOLDienst Openluchtleven (Dutch)
DOLDigital Orchid Library
DOLDeloitte Online (Collaboration Site)
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They were common everyday words,--the familiar, vague sounds exchanged on every waking day of life.
It was the very bench Tom Henan had sat upon that last sanguinary day of life.
The investigators examined neonatal mortality (deaths in the first 28 days of life per 1,000 live births) among four groups of infants: those who received their first visit from a health worker on the first day of life, those whose initial visit occurred on day 2, those who weren't visited until days 3-6 and those who were first visited on the seventh day or later.
Jewish doctrine stipulates that boys undergo circumcision on the 8th day of life.
Researchers with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California examined the medical records of 319 infants who developed Early Onset Group B Streptococcal (EOGBS) infection and found that most developed symptoms of the illness in the first day of life whether or not their mothers were treated with antibiotics during labor.