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DLSTDouble Locus Sequence Typing (epidemiological surveillance)
DLSTDépartement Licence Sciences et Technologies (French: Licensing Department of Science and Technology; Joseph Fourier University; France)
DLSTDaylight Savings Time
DLSTDrug Lymphocyte Stimulation Test
DLSTDistance Learning Steering Team (Kentucky)
DLSTDivision Logistics System Test
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The company's "battery promotion," mailed just before the end of daylight savings time, comes with a snap-in, 9-volt battery and a four-color printed piece about fire safety.
Daylight savings time is used in over 70 countries--essentially, in every developed nation other than Japan, in spite of the Japanese being dependent on imports for almost all of their energy.
Mexico only recently adopted daylight savings time, a result of our pressuring our southern neighbor to be in step with the U.
Mexicans sprang forward to Daylight Savings Time on April 7, for the first time making the adjustment without accompanying political and legal battles.
Equipped with eight selectable month and day wheel languages, including English, Spanish, French, Numeric, and Roman numbers, Acroprint 175 adjusts to daylight savings time and can be set to display a standard 12-hour am/pm time or 24-hour military time.
eastern daylight savings time on July 24, eight days after takeoff.
Before the 2005 shift, Daylight Savings Time started on the first Sunday of April and ran through the last Sunday of October.
At 3 am on March 30, Bulgarians moved clocks one hour forward to 4 am, switching to Daylight Savings Time.
You and your BFFs need to squeeze the, uh, daylights outta daylight savings time.
Daylight Savings Time arrived two days too late for the LPGA Tour's Office Depot Championship, which will complete a darkness-halted round for a second consecutive day this morning at El Caballero Country Club.
It's almost time to set your clocks forward an hour in accordance with Daylight Savings Time in order to better take advantage of sunny hours during the coming warm months.