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DEBSDistributed Event-Based Systems
DEBS6-Deoxyerythronolide B Synthase (enzyme)
DEBSDiscipline Energy Beauty Strength (movie)
DEBSDirect Energy Business Services (Canada)
DEBSDelfino Emergency Broadcast System (gaming)
DEBSDominant Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
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When he became editor of the Firemen's Magazine, Debs had little experience as a writer, but he developed a skill for turning out hard-hitting editorials on a wide range of topics.
Sick, frightened, angry and annoyed with Deb - she's doing my nut in but I know she cannot help it.
The results are based on surveys that were conducted in May and October 2011 and included 196 respondents, of which 146 were DEB users and 50 were DEB nonusers.
I was screaming for people to help but most just walked by DEBS SCOTT DESCRIBES NIGHTMARE ORDEAL
Debs and other socialists considered World War I to be a fight among capitalists.
The spirit of La Follette, of Debs, of Helen Keller, of Martin Luther King Jr.
When I was 15 or 16 and Debs was just coming into her teens, she could be a real pain.
Debs said: "We had a great time on tour in Edinburgh then headed to the Melrose Sevens and I decided there and then I wanted to give the girls something to remember me by.
During all these years Debs carried on a correspondence with a diverse group of people.
For more information on the Betty-Mills Deb customized dispensing system, please watch the following video http://www.
Kanaan and her husband Kanaan, with whom she lived; a sister, Wadad Debs and a sister in law, Marie Debs both in Beirut; four grandchildren, Jeffrey Burke, Kelsey Burke, Joseph Kanaan, and Nicholas Kanaan; several nieces and nephews.
MUM Debs Frazer gave birth to her second daughter - on the same day and at exactly the same time as her first.