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DFPDefensive Fighting Position
DFPDirector of Federal Programs (various locations)
DFPDetroit Free Press
DFPDiploma in Financial Planning (various locations)
DFPDesign for Power
DFPDriving Force Pro (video game)
DFPDivisione della Formazione Professionale (Italian: Division of Professional Training)
DFPDigital Flat Panel (computer display)
DFPDéficit Fonctionnel Permanent (French: Permanent Functional Deficit)
DFPDocumentary Film Program (various organizations)
DFPDavidon-Fletcher-Powell (algorithm)
DFPDepartment of Finance and Personnel (Northern Ireland)
DFPData Facility Product
DFPDigital Flat Panel
DFPDual Flat Package
DFPDynamic Feedback Protocol
DFPDeny Filters Processor
DFPDynamic Feedback Protocol (Cisco)
DFPDépartement de la Formation Professionnel (French: Department of Professional Training; Morocco)
DFPDART for Publishers (DoubleClick)
DFPDominica Freedom Party
DFPDecimal Floating Point
DFPDiplôme de Français Professionnel (French: Professional Diploma in French)
DFPDistributed Functional Plane
DFPData Facility Product (IBM)
DFPDigital Fine Pitch
DFPDi-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate (enzymatic inhibitor)
DFPDysfunctional Family Picnic (K-Rock event; New York City radio station)
DFPDays from Planting
DFPDesign for Production
DFPDevelopment Framework Plan (various locations)
DFPDirectorate of Field Publicity (India)
DFPDivision of Forensic Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DFPDouglas Fir Plywood (plywood grade)
DFPDouble Facepalm
DFPDental Fee Plan
DFPDigital Forensics Professionals (Tulsa, OK)
DFPDetroit Fashion Pages (Detroit, MI)
DFPDoriot, Flandrin and Parant (French automobile maker)
DFPDecommissioning Funding Plan
DFPDeutsche Fortschrittspartei (German: German Progress Party)
DFPDesign for Performance
DFPDoncaster Free Press
DFPDiploma in Food Production (various educational institutions)
DFPDebt Forgiveness Program (AAFES)
DFPDeny Filters Processor (Cisco)
DFPDisplay Function Processor
DFPDeadline Failure Probability
DFPDigital Filter Processor
DFPDried Frog Pill (Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett)
DFPDesign for Purchasability
DFPDirigeants de la Formation Professionnelle (French: Leaders of Vocational Training)
DFPDirect-Form Processor
DFPDefense Fighting Position (bunker)
DFPDouble Fixed Pulley
DFPDeployment Feature Pack (Microsoft)
DFPDecision-Feedback Predistorter
DFPDepartment of Family Planning (Bangladesh)
DFPDefect Fix Percentage (defects fixed before release divided by all defects found)
DFPDevelopmental Fisheries Plan (Australia)
DFPDefault Free Prefix
DFPDuty Failure to Perform
DFPDual-Bit Forward Prediction
DFPDesignated Finishing Point
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com/trump-may-scrap-obamas-student-loan-forgiveness-program-leaked-education-budget-2540420) Leaked Education Budget Suggests Trump May Scrap Obama's Student Debt Forgiveness Program  
Certainly, there were some cases of abuse by lenders, brokers and appraisers that should be dealt with, but a debt forgiveness program will only encourage borrowers to strategically default.
Our recruitment of fellowship applicants grew tremendously with the debt forgiveness program," said Dr.
A debt forgiveness program might attract more students and ease a provider shortage, the group said.
Other features include the creation of a debt forgiveness program for low-income customers and the revision of certain NSTAR power purchasing practices to provide greater stability for energy prices paid by residential customers.
Yet Sumitomo is organizing a debt forgiveness program by Kumagai's banks.
Unfortunately, the cost to American taxpayers of such debt forgiveness programs is rising, and the chief beneficiaries are colleges and universities, which can offer debt forgiveness while simultaneously raising tuitions.
To support financial aid, the report recommends an increase in the maximum Pell Grant, continued low interest rates on federal student loans and expanded loan debt forgiveness programs.
Deteriorating relations with Western governments have prevented Sudan from enjoying debt forgiveness programs similar to other countries.