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DTHDirect To Home
DTHDaily Tar Heel (UNC/state bulletin; Chapel Hill, NC)
DTHDelayed Type Hypersensitivity (medicine)
DTHDie Toten Hosen
DTHDown the Hole (drilling)
DthDecatherm (measurement unit for heat; 1,000,000 BTU)
DTHDance Theater of Harlem
DTHDeck the Halls
DThDoctor of Theology
DTHDown the Hall
DTHDown The Hill
DTHDay Training and Habilitation (disablilities)
DTHDays to Harvest
DTHDown to Hell
DTHDMS Transition Hub
DTHDisplacement Time History
DTHDielectric-Type Heating
DTHDowntown Terre Haute (Terre Haute, IN)
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BEFORE AFTER PROJECT PROJECT 2011-2012 2012-2013 Gas Used at Science Center, Decatherms 2,803 2,182 Gas used at University, Decatherms 37,376 36,641 Steam Used at Cordier, lbs/Year 433,696 0 Steam Used at H-K, lbs/Year 883,935 0 Steam Main Line Loss, lbs/Year 474,100 0 Area Heated from Science Center, [ft.
In refined hydrocarbons (heating oil, gasoline, diesel or jet fuel) a lot is 42,000 gallons per month, and in natural gas a lot is 10,000 decatherms monthly.
To date the company has brokered over 27 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and 63 million decatherms of natural gas.
We have saved, on the average, 5,200 decatherms and $64,000 a month.