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DTEXDecitex (textiles; measuring unit for yarn; 1 gram per 10000 meters)
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Market Analysis III-112 Current & Future Analysis III-112 Key Statistics III-112 Table 116: Spanish Bodywear Market (2012): Percentage Breakdown of Production by Category-T-shirts, Foundations, Hosiery, Swimwear, Underwear for women/girls, Underwear for men/boys and Others (In Value terms) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-112 Table 117: Spanish Hosiery Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown of Imports by Product Segment- Pantyhose and tights of synthetic fibres <67 decitex, Cotton stockings>and socks, and Full-length stockings and socks of synthetic fibres (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-113 B.
Viking Gulf has recently launched the TANA Professional Green Care range of chemicals and a new microfibre system from Decitex.
For instance, decorative packaging synthetic monofilament of 67 decitex or more has a 4% duty at present.
light decitex (LDI) business of SANS Fibres (Proprietary) Limited ("SANS") to a
67 decitex and having a fiber length each measuring 20 mm or more but not over 150 mm; (provided for in subheading 5504.
industrial (HDI), as well as the polyester light decitex industrial (LDI) yarn
lt;67 Decitex, Cotton Stockings>and Socks and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-45
sell the nylon light decitex (LDI) business of SANS to a consortium comprising
Four 1100 decitex polyester yams produced by AlliedSignal Fibers were used for this study: IW70, a conventional polyester fiber; 1X90, the first generation of DSP fibers for tire reinforcement; 1X30, the second generation material with high tenacity; and 1X40, the second generation advanced polyester with ultra-high dimensional stability tailored especially for the European tire market.
Market Analysis III-44 Current & Future Analysis III-44 Market Overview III-44 Performance Yarns Find Increasing Favor Among Manufacturers III-44 Budget Brands: Marked by Inexpensive Products and Intense Competition III-44 Luxury Market: Characterized by High Entry Barriers and High Price-High Margin III-44 Outlook III-45 Price III-45 Table 60: European Hosiery Market (2012): Percentage Breakdown of Imports by Product Segment - Full-length Stockings and Socks of Synthetic Fibers, Pantyhose and Tights of Synthetic Fibers <67 Decitex, Cotton Stockings>and Socks and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-45 B.
The polyester light decitex industrial (LDI) and heavy decitex industrial (HDI)