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DFODepartment of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)
DFODesignated Federal Official
DFODisaster Field Office (US FEMA)
DFODarkfall Online (online gaming)
DFODivisional Forest Officer
DFODairy Farmers of Ontario (Canada)
DFODirect Factory Outlet (Australian retail center)
DFODistrict Forest Office
DFODartmouth Flood Observatory
DFO1,8-Diazafluoren-9-One (forensic chemical)
DFODirector of Field Operations
DFODone Fell Out
DFODislodged Foreign Object (gaming; World of Warcraft)
DFODeutscher Falkenorden (German Falcon Order)
DFODiesel Fuel Oil
DFODell Factory Outlet
DFODigital Fuel Optimizer (RevTech motorcycle fuel control system)
DFODone Fell Over
DFODining Facility Operation
DFODistance from Origin
DFODungeon Fighter Online (video game)
DFODivisional Finance Officer
DFODocumentation for Operations
DFODuty Field Officer (UK)
DFODumb Freakin' Operator (polite form)
DFODiploma in Front Office (various educational institutions)
DFODes Filles en Ovalie (French: Girls in Rugby)
DFODrilling Fluid Operator (offshore oil & gas)
DFODistillate Fuel Oil
DFODolphins Fanatics Online (football website)
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The iron chelators available are deferoxamine (given parenterally), deferiprone and deferasirox (given orally).
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