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Although she suffers from a degenerative bone disease, Lisa Michelle Smith of Palmdale recently took first place at the California tae kwon do championships.
Kellogg hopes the new cereal will appeal to the three out of four Americans are believed to not get enough calcium -- particularly women concerned about preventing osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease.
That report sparked concerns that drinking lkots of sodas might place women at riskof the degenerative bone disease called osteoporosis.
Plagued in his twenties by a degenerative bone disease, Riley, now 53, was left with a fused spine that keeps him forever leaning forward as if he were about to fall.
The 26-year-old, who suffers from a degenerative bone disease, had been away in London for medical treatment at the time of the accident and only returned home last week to find the damage.
For months she has been troubled by back pain and she was terrified it could signal osteoporosis - a degenerative bone disease which killed her mother and has been associated with smoking.
Mike Reed, defending, told the court: "Mr Stephens suffers from cervical spondylosis - a degenerative bone disease of the upper spine and neck.
Hip and other bone fractures are often the result of weak bones, caused by osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease.
In the case of a degenerative bone disease such as osteoporosis, this often means a fall resulting in an unexpected leg or hip fracture.
Since vulnerability to osteoporosis -- a degenerative bone disease -- depends on bone mass, havel's panel reasoned that a little more calcium early in life could help stave off crippling bone breaks in old age.
Claiming to be suffering from a degenerative bone disease, Arroyo was ordered to be placed under hospital detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.