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DEIMOSDeep Extragalactic Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph (Keck Observatory)
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Pascal Rosenblatt of the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels and colleagues ran computer simulations to show how the helper moons formed, did their duty and then fell to Mars, leaving behind a pair of moons similar to Phobos and Deimos.
Warner's appointment comes as Deimos builds on the business strategy of developing a suite of hedge fund products, expected to include a multi-strategy hedge fund, along with a wide variety of individual hedge fund strategies.
Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, Director General, MBRSC said, "The Deimos Space UK Ltd and MBRSC announcement further asserted the importance of cooperation between different parties worldwide in the space industry.
The investor group announced that Deimos Asset Management will be supported by an equity investment from Ares Management LP.
When I observed Deimos with my 8-inch scope, I used a 25-mm Orthoscopic eyepiece with a violet occulting filter and 3x Barlow, resulting in 240x.
1877 Astronomer Asaph Hall discovered Phobos and Deimos - the 'moons' of Mars.
Incidentally, Falconer's brother Henry Madan had, in 1878, suggested the names Phobos and Deimos for the moons of Mars.
The other would carry a lander for the first touchdown ever on Phobos (Fear) or Deimos (Terror).
Phobos, which is about 17 miles long, and Deimos, which is about nine miles long.
Murtagh had to settle for second place again when his mount, Fearn Royal, failed by a head to catch the Michael Grassick-trained favourite Sweet Deimos in the seven-furlong winners' race.
Occasionally, Aphrodite was Ares' legitimate wife, and by her he fathered Deimos, Phobos, and Harmonia.