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DMTSDelayed Matching to Sample (short term memory assessment)
DMTSDistinguished Member of Technical Staff
DMTSDigital Media Training Series
DMTSDryden Municipal Telephone System (Dryden, Ontario, Canada)
DMTSDistinguished Member of the Technical Staff
DMTSDependable Medical Transport Service (Arizona)
DMTSDynamic Media Transport System
DMTSDigital Maintenance Test Set
DMTSData Management and Tracking System
DMTSDefense Message Transfer System
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between tasks that require delayed discriminations such as delayed imitation and delayed matching to sample on acquisition of skills using video modeling.
The effect of sample and comparison ratio sachedules on delayed matching to sample in the pigeon.
This arrangement is referred to as delayed matching to sample task (DMTS).
Delayed matching to sample and stimulus equivalence: Probability of responding in accord with equivalence, as a function of different delays.
In this arrangement, the sample stimulus is not present at the time a comparison selection occurs, and the procedure is usually referred to as delayed matching to sample (DMTS).
These comparisons were made when the classes were established using one of two different trial formats: simultaneous matching to sample and delayed matching to sample.
This account may suggest ways in which delayed matching to sample could be used in an analysis of whether or not a name or rehearsal of names can perform a mediating function.
They showed that such a procedure could enh ance performance on a variety of tasks relevant to the present work, including delayed matching to sample.
The effect of sample and comparison ratio schedules on delayed matching to sample in pigeon.
Delayed matching to sample (DMTS) is a commonly used procedure for studying animal short-term memory.
Verbal self-reports of delayed matching to sample by humans.
Studies of short-term memory in the pigeon using the delayed matching to sample procedure.
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