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DPUDroits à Paiement Unique (French: Single Payment Entitlement)
DPUData Processing Unit
DPUDevelopment Planning Unit (various organizations)
DPUDual Processor Unit
DPUDePauw University (Indiana, USA)
DPUDeep Penetration Unit (Sri Lanka)
DPUDroit de Préemption Urbain (French: Right of First Refusal)
DPUDalian Polytechnic University (China)
DPUDemocratic Pacific Union (Taiwan)
DPUDigital Processing Unit
DPUDistribution Per Unit (investing, trusts)
DPUDePaul University
DPUDefects Per Unit
DPUDinas Pekerjaan Umum (Indonesia)
DPUDepleted Uranium
DPUDue Process Unit (various organizations)
DPUDistributed Power Unit (multiple locomotives acting as one unit for large trains)
DPUDocument Production Unit (various locations)
DPUDay Procedure Unit
DPUData Path Unit
DPUDisplay Processor Unit
DPUDigital Processor Unit
DPUDossier Patient Urgences (French: Emergency Patient Record)
DPUDelayed Pressure Urticaria (dermatology)
DPUDirected Patrol Unit
DPUDeferred Prosecution Unit (Texas)
DPUDecentralized Processing Unit
DPUDemocratic Pragmatist Union (Second Life)
DPUDistributed Processing Utilities
DPUDampier Port Upgrade
DPUDisruptive Pattern Uniform
DPUDynamics Power Unit
DPUDiesel Powered Unit
DPUDS1 Performance Unit (Hekimian)
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For delayed pressure urticaria do pressure test, for heat urticaria, perform heat provocation and threshold test.
Patients with dermographism and delayed pressure urticaria were more sensitive to omalizumab (13 out of 15 patients showed a complete response) than patients with cold and cholinergic urticaria (3/6 and 6/8 respectively showed a complete response).
Successful treatment of delayed pressure urticaria with anti-TNF-alpha.