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The fabricated devices have very large and have the potential to provide a low cost demultiplexer solution.
The internal demultiplexer switches the Dual Mode DisplayPort Source between DisplayPort and TMDS outputs--the TMDS output is compatible with both HDMI and DVI displays.
Note to editors: An illustration of the crossbar array and demultiplexer is available upon request.
The AD8159 consists of a two-port multiplexer and a two-port demultiplexer.
QCSD3-18T includes a deserializer per link, a clock synthesis unit per link and a demultiplexer block.
The novel design contains a 4 channel single mode multiplexer and a 4 channel multi mode demultiplexer in a housing of just 16 x 18.
Infinera's Photonic Integrated Circuits include a 100 Gb/s transmitter, which integrates ten lasers, ten 10 Gb/s modulators, and an optical multiplexer; as well as a 100 Gb/s receiver, which integrates an optical demultiplexer and ten photodiodes.