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DEJDéveloppons en Java (French: Develop in Java)
DEJDermal-Epidermal Junction
DEJDeferred Entry of Judgment (court mandated program for nonviolent drug offenders)
DEJDépartement des Études Japonaises (French: Department of Japanese Studies)
DEJDentino-Enamel Junction
DEJDeutsche Esperanto-Jugend (German: German Esperanto Youth)
DEJDouble Entry Journal (critical thinking activities notebook; various schools)
DEJDale Earnhardt, Junior
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Insular dentin formation pattern in human odontogenesis in relation to the scalloped dentino-enamel junction.
Criteria for caries assessment of histological tooth sections Score Criteria 0 No demineralisation 1 Enamel demineralisation limited to the outer half (50%) of the enamel layer 2 Enamel demineralisation extending into the inner half of the enamel layer and dentino-enamel junction 3 Dentine demineralisation in its initial layer 4 Frank dentine demineralisation Table 2.
In the present study, the penetration levels used followed a progressing lesion sequence: enamel, subdivided into external and internal, involvement of the dentino-enamel junction, and then the dentine, subdivided into external and internal involvement, for both the deciduous (7) and permanent teeth.