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DEREKDeductive Estimation of Risk from Existing Knowledge (software)
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WHEN it comes to making ice cream Derek Rowley takes some licking.
Those songs are a reminder of the vast life experiences Derek has under his belt.
She is furious that Derek claimed he split with her because she suffers from agoraphobia and never wanted to go out partying.
HANDSHAKE: Derek Reid (left) with Aron New, who he helped to gain an apprenticeship
A DOMESTIC goose, named Derek, has made a full recovery after he underwent surgery for a broken wing.
His intentions are to take Alice home, but she insists on getting to know Derek.
Community-spirited Derek, 57, has turned his home into a Christmas wonderland for the last decade, raising almost PS30,000 for charity.
Because I don't want to look like a girl, and I'm thin on top," Derek told him.
About Derek Bauer: a short profile by and about the honoree: Derek Bauer is a Michigan real estate broker and has been named by RIS Media as one of America's, "Top 50 Realtors on the Rise," has been a guest real estate technology lecturer at a Michigan university, and was named to, "America's Premier Experts," in 2012.
A year has gone by since we last visited Broad Hill Retirement Home, where Derek works with nurse Hannah (Kerry Goodliman) and his smutty layabout friend Kev (David Earl).
Derek has most recently held the role of Director of Network, Delivery and Development and Deputy Chief Executive with UK Highway s Agency, leading the teams who operate, manage and maintain over Au100bn worth of public assets for road users.