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DETADepartment of Education, Training and the Arts (Australia)
DETADiethylene Triamine
DETADielectric Thermal Analysis
DETADefense Economic Transition Assistance (SBA)
DETADigital Education Teacher Academy
DETADielectric Thermal Analyzer
DETADruids for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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Deta Hedman hands over trophies to men's singles winner Paul Davies (above left) and (left) women's singles champion Valerie Emm
06 g of DETA, at room temperature, under constant stirring (600 rpm) with a helix impeller (40 mm diameter).
Maziausias cemento teslos sklidumas, lyginant su kontroline tesla (C1 sudetis), gautas naudojant prieda WACKeR BS SMK 2101, kurio deta 0,1 % nuo viso misinio mases (C4 sudetis).
Russia's Anastasia Dobromyslova won her second women's world title with a 2-1 win over Deta Hedman of England.
To obtain mechanistic insights, we tested the effect of sepiapterin and DETA NONOate on CRP-induced CECs and EMPs as well as blocking antibodies to Fc[gamma] receptors (CD16, CD32, and CD64).
The seven-time champion will now play English compatriot Deta Hedman - who beat Russia's Irina Armstrong 2-0 - in the semifinals, with Wales' Rhian Edwards meeting fourth seed Karen Lawman in the other last-four contest.
Commenting on the new photo printer, Amr Hassan, General Manager for Imaging and Printing Group at HP Middle East said: "We continue to invest in R&D to invent unmatched technologies that satisfy our customers' needs to the slightest deta il.
From today (Thurs) Loblite products will be traded through Bedfordshire company Deta Electrical, but the brand will continue to function and products will be sold under the Loblite name.
and implement propriety amination technology in a new facility that will produce primarily DETA.
Charles Operations, Hahnville, LA, and by implementing proprietary amination technology at a new facility that will primarily produce DETA.
He beat Deta Hedman in the first match - and that was quite an experience.
PACM and DETA were mixed with the epoxy resins at room temperature (25[degrees]C).