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DEUSDepartment of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (Australia)
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The study concurrently collected interview data from four levels of participants: DEU staff nurse CIs, staff nurses not involved as CIs on DEUs (staff nurses), clinical faculty coordinators (CFCs) from the college, and DEU midlevel education and administration partners (partners).
8220;Our new DEUS X Class harnesses are a true game changer,” said Shain Rae, chief executive officer, DEUS Rescue.
We believe the advantages of the DEU model is the wrap-around support academic and clinical liaison nurses can provide students and preceptors," said Wintec academic manager Glennis Birks.
DEUS EX: THE FALL is the next chapter of the award winning DEUS EX series.
Human Revolution builds on the most enjoyable elements of the previous Deus Ex ( http://www.
Gisele Guimaraes, alem de modelo, e tambem coordenadora e professora do Projeto Lente dos Sonhos, onde ensina criancas, adolescentes e jovens da Cidade de Deus, em sua maioria do sexo feminino, a desfilar na passarela, como modelo de moda.
The Edgar Allan Poe Audiobook Collection #10: Deus et Machina
They met at Deus Ex Machina in Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, with Bloom riding there on his new customised road bike turned hill climber, the Deus SR400, which cost him 20,000 dollars, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Deus ex machina--or at least Deus ex governor of California.
DeuS is literally the champagne of beers; it begins its fermentation process in Belgium before traveling to Champagne, France where it spends nine months in caves, undergoing the "methode champenoise.
Para Alberto Magno, Deus é o criador da natureza, mas os homens podem conhecê-la pelo uso de sua razão.