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This paper will consider Deuteronomy 9:7, a verse whose genre and audience are unclear, and have been under debate for centuries.
Theological concepts of major importance occur in Deuteronomy, such as covenant, covenant obligations, Yahweh as a God of love, the election of Israel, the gift of the land, and Holy War, and all are given extensive attention.
Finally, the law in Deuteronomy actually endangered all young and unmarried women by incentivizing rape.
I've been brushing up on my Bible studies and I can tell you Deuteronomy also instructs parents to take a "stubborn or rebellious son" before the town elders to be stoned.
It's between Leviticus and Deuteronomy, but I expect he knows that.
Sheila Talbot read from Deuteronomy and Margaret Hinchliffe from St Paul's.
Deuteronomy 33,27 DoN'T worry too much about falling asleep at your prayers.
Berrigan continues his relentless publishing of commentaries on the Hebrew Scriptures with this insightful and poignant reflection on Deuteronomy, understood by B.
Disloyalty and destruction; religion and politics in Deuteronomy and the modern world.
Those to whom we must look to for judgment in religious matters are the recognized religious leaders of each generation, whom the Torah itself, in Deuteronomy 17, 9-11 directs us to heed.
Two of the fragments contain passages from Deuteronomy, one fragment is identified as from Leviticus, and another as the book of Daniel.