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DAPDrug and Alcohol Program (various organizations)
DAPDrug and Alcohol Prevention (various organizations)
DAPDownload Accelerator Plus
DAPDirectory Access Protocol (X.500)
DAPDemocratic Action Party (Malaysian political party, founded in 1966)
DAPDisbursement Acceleration Program (Philippines)
DAPDigital Audio Player
DAPDevelopment Assessment Panel (Australia)
DAPDiammonium Phosphate (fertilizer)
DAPDeveloping a Partnership (various organizations)
DAPDapsone (drug)
DAPDraw A Person (test)
DAPDepartment of Applied Physics (various universities)
DAPDeutsche Arbeiterpartei (German worker's party)
DAPDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice
DAPDynamic Application Partitioning
DAPDataflux Alliance Program
DAPDistributed Application Process
DAPDeployment Assistance Program
DAPDigital Audio Playback
DAPData Access Page
DAPDisk Access Pattern
DAPDetermine Access Paths
DAPDirectory Access Protocol
DAPDeveloper Assistance Program
DAPDistinguished Achievement Program
DAPDigital Audio Processor
DAPDays After Planting
DAPDeutsches Akkreditierungssystem Prüfwesen (German: German Accreditation System for Testing)
DAPDossier Afspraken en Procedures (Dutch: Dossier Agreements and Procedures; Netherlands)
DAPDiploma in Accounting Program (University of British Columbia; Canada)
DAPDélégation aux Arts Plastiques (French: Delegation to the Visual Arts)
DAPDiversity Awareness Partnership (St. Louis, MO)
DAPDefense Acquisition Portal (est. 2009; US DoD)
DAPDose Area Product (X-Ray)
DAPDemande d'Admission Préalable (French: Application for Admission Prerequisites; various universities)
DAPDiallyl Phthalate
DAPDomestic Appliances and Personal Care (various organizations)
DAPDevelopment Academy of the Philippines
DAPDiabetes-Associated Peptide
DAPDemande d'Accord Préalable (French: Requirement of Prior Agreement)
DAPData Access Protocol
DAPDefense Acquisition Policy
DAPDraught Animal Power
DAPDéveloppement et Amélioration des Plantes (French: Development and Improvement of Plants)
DAPDetailed Action Plan (various organizations)
DAPDowntown Area Plan (various locations)
DAPDelivered at Place
DAPDearborn Assembly Plant (Michigan)
DAPDistributed Array Processor
DAPDiversity Action Plan (various locations)
DAPDocuments d'Accompagnement des Prélèvements (French: Documents Accompanying Samples)
DAPDirect Assistance Program
DAPDystrophin-Associated Protein (biochemistry)
DAPDevelopment Assistance Project (various locations)
DAPDiscount Auto Parts
DAPDays All Purpose (shipping)
DAPDepósito de Aviso Previo (Portuguese: Deposit Prior Notice; Brazil)
DAPDocument Application Profile
DAPData-Acquisition Processor
DAPDigital Autopilot
DAPDevelopment Action Plan
DAPDemocratic Alliance Party (Cook Islands)
DAPDual Admission Program (various schools)
DAPDiaminopropionic Acid
DAPData Analysis Program
DAPDisaster Assistance Program (US Small Business Administration)
DAPDrug Abuse Program (non-residential; US Bureau of Prisons)
DAPDignity And Pride (70s ethnic handshake)
DAPDigital Archive Project
DAPDig A Pony (Beatles song)
DAPDisability Awareness Program (various locations)
DAPDelivery Against Payment
DAPDiagnostic Accreditation Program
DAPDigital Acoustics Processor
DAPDirect Action Penetrator
DAPDouche Autonome Portable (French: Autonomous Portable Shower)
DAPDraft Action Plan
DAPDiscover America Partnership (travel)
DAPParents Against Dyslexia
DAPDefense Acquisition Program
DAPDrug Action Programme (WHO)
DAPDevice Access Port
DAPDebug Access Port
DAPDetroit Advisory Panel (American Petroleum Institute)
DAPDigital Auto Pilot (Orbiter)
DAPDistributed Audio Processing
DAPDistending Airway Pressure (respiration)
DAPDeferred Activation Patching (software)
DAPData Analysis Plan
DAPDrug Advisory Programme
DAPDevelopers Assistance Program (IBM)
DAPData Analysis and Presentation
DAPDivisional Ammunition Park (UK)
DAPDefense Automated Printing
DAPDirectory Application Protocol
DAPData Acquisition Plan (NASA)
DAPDairy Analyzer Program (veterinary software)
DAPDefensive Armed Penetrator (MH-60l Helicopter)
DAPDownlink of Aircraft Parameters (Mode S)
DAPDihydroxy Acetone Phosphate
DAPDepartamenti I Administratës Publike (Department of Public Administration, Albania)
DAPDispatch Application Processor
DAPDeltoid and Axillary Protectors (body armor)
DAPDistant Aiming Point
DAPDecontaminating Apparatus, Portable (US DoD)
DAPDesignated Acquisition Program
DAPDeposit Administration Plan
DAPData Administration Program
DAPDutch Accounting Principles
DAPData Archiving Process
DAPDo All Possible (airline lingo)
DAPDelta Access Perl
DAPDisplay Adjust Panel (avionics)
DAPDecon Apparatus: Portable
DAPDesign Analysis Phase
DAPDead after Purchase (exchange policy)
DAPDiscipline Action Plan
DAPDigital Access Product
DAPDigital, Analog, Positioner (Satellite Receivers)
DAPDirector of Army Programs
DAPDeparture and Arrival Point
DAPDiscrepancy Avoidance Program
DAPDown Awaiting Parts
DAPData, Assessment and Plan (nursing)
DAPDeveloper Access Program
DAPDesign Acceptance Package
DAPDiagnostic and Automation Program
DAPData Automation Plan
DAPDirected Audit Program
DAPDetached Antenna Parameters
DAPDigital Avionics Program
DAPDevelopment Activity Panel
DAPDelivered at Appointed Place (shipping)
DAPDirectory Access Processor
DAPDense Area Processor
DAPDiagnostic Adaptive Planning (US DoD)
DAPDevice Application Program
DAPDeaf Anthropology Page
DAPDelivery Appraisal Panel
DAPDynamic Aborting Protocol
DAPDigital Asset Producer
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The objective of the Master Planning process is to produce an Economic Development Strategy which will establish community goals for the future economic development of Marlborough and an Economic Development Action Plan which will identify those actions that will be necessary to ensure that the community's economic development goals are achieved.
Navy marine engineer officers and marine engineering technicians will no longer need to submit lengthy reports, provide certificates of attendance on courses or create a development action plan in support of their applications for CEng, IEng or EngTech.
Talking of Ministry of Tourism approach to developing human resources, she said, "A tourism manpower and training needs analysis and human resources development action plan from 2011 to 2020 is in place".
We can write many actions, but still have no progress," he said and ordered all ministries and agencies to take all actions stipulated in the socio-economic development action plan of the government.
A development action plan should be created that documents the activities and responsibilities of the employee and the company to execute the plan.
We intend to work with the business community to evaluate these recommendations and create an Economic Development Action Plan that will identify specific actions the City can take to encourage job growth and job retention as well as foster a positive attitude towards businesses.
NHS North of Tyne, working on behalf of Newcastle Primary Care Trust (PCT), North Tyneside PCT and Northumberland Care Trust, has developed a sustainable development action plan which will help meet Government targets on cutting its carbon footprint.
They included producing the UK's first low-carbon regional economic strategy - the West Midlands Economic Strategy and producing a sustainable development action plan.
Subsequent to the execution of the Gateway Cities Compact, the manager said he will present to the City Council a five-year, coordinated commercial district development action plan that will focus on downtown and create jobs, industry, housing and retail.
Yes, we have created glossy documents such as the Sustainable Development Action Plan for Wales but how many of these laudable aims have actually become reality?
3 Sustainable development: The ODPM publishes its Sustainable Development Action Plan, setting out how it will implement commitments and policies in the UK Sustainable Development Strategy over the next 12 months.
This article presents a professional development action plan or framework for instructional designers (IDs) working as external consultants for corporate companies.
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