DEVKITDevelopment Kit (JMCIS)
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El SimpleJ DevKit esta basado en un modelo simplificado de una computadora y metodologia con base en principios pedagogicos y psicologicos que facilitan el entendimiento de las herramientas de programacion.
The Red Hat Embedded DevKit is a completely open source software package and is sold via redhat.
The Xact Development Board, XactTrax device and DevKit are available for immediate sale and will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas.
At Acer's headquarters, we're privy to smart thermostats, cloud connected coffee makers, educational IoT devkits and syncing services that the company is working on - look at this video.
The Arrayent DevKit enables embedded system designers to connect their products wirelessly to web applications hosted in the "Internet cloud" in a single day.
Still, it is difficult to speculate too far in any direction with the current information, as Microsoft itself will most likely release a finalized version of the devkit to game developers closer to the time of the actual console release date.
One M5-eCompact RFID reader module, installed in a DevKit chassis with standard connectors;
BSQUARE also maintains strategic relationships with leading silicon manufacturers, including Freescale([TM]) Semiconductor, Intel([R]), Marvell([R]), and Texas Instruments, enabling it to offer silicon-specific development tools -- such as the BSQUARE's DevKit development platforms for both the Marvell PXA 27x/3xx and Texas Instruments OMAP 25x/35x Application Processor families -- that help its OEM customers get their products to market faster.
Launched a new product in the BSQUARE DevKit family of reference designs supporting the Texas Instruments OMAP 25XX and 35XX family of processors.
Nasdaq: BSQR) today announced that it is launching two new OMAP[TM] DevKit hardware development platforms to support TI's OMAP35x(TM) and OMAP25x(TM) platform.
BSQUARE will also offer a Sierra Wireless-based cellular 3G hardware option within its DevKit hardware development platform product line, which will ship with the same optimized software.
In addition, BSQUARE plans to feature Flash Lite on its DevKit hardware development platforms.