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DEWPOINTDirected Energy Weapon Power Integration
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Dewpoint will be honored at an awards ceremony during the fifth annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event, April 30 in Lansing, Mich.
A highly-aligned partner of Sun Microsystems, Dewpoint offers a solution set that includes Symantec, Oracle, Iron Port, Juniper and its own intellectual property.
During these times of year, dewpoints can be as high as 95 F (35 C), and hot-air dryers are not suitable for drying hydrolytically sensitive engineering polymers under such conditions.
Due to a shared vision of the future and cultural synergy between the companies, all employees of Dewpoint and Centrifusion will be retained in the acquisition.
Providing information regarding the material manufacturer, drying temperature, dewpoint, moisture content of finished product, time, and date are no longer the exception but often the norm.
Machine - mountable, by C the - press and portable desiccant type dryers for consistent low dewpoint.
Barbara Dawson, Strategic Advantage Corporation president, joins Dewpoint as director of the public sector practice.
The new Dewpoint will manage larger assignments and longer-term engagements with clients, according to Rob Mock, president.
Using the AquaLab Vapor Sorption Analyzer, which incorporates patented Dynamic Dewpoint Isotherm (DDI) technology, scientists can gain a far better understanding of the water interactions within the ingredient or product being analysed.
Arid-X dryer series is an industry standard dual desiccant-bed dryer that supplies a continuous -40 F dewpoint.
The platform will allow Dewpoint to provide an added level of security to our clients Identity and Access Management initiatives"
Upon completion of the merger, Integration Projects will adopt the Dewpoint name.