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DIDADrug Industry Document Archive (University of California, San Francisco)
DIDADiploma in Digital Application
DIDADerwentside Industrial Development Agency (UK)
DIDADynamic Interactive Decision Analysis
DIDADetection, Identification & Assessment (FEMA)
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They only made eight points in the last half of the season and of their earlier 17, Dida had saved them 14.
Their Dida Hand Car Wash and Valet Centre and eight similar sites were stormed by police during a nationwide crackdown.
Milan goalkeeper Dida had little to do and looked to have everything under control in saving Raul s tame shot after 19 minutes.
DIDA brought a 27-year record of attracting and nurturing successful businesses such as Derwent Valley Foods and CAV Aerospace to the new agency; Derwentside Engineering Forum represents around 30 companies with a combined turnover of more than pounds 250m and 3,500 employees and the Derwentside Business Network boasts around 50 members, including many of the district's smaller businesses.
Steve Armstrong, director of DIDA, said: "In the early days, the emphasis was on rebuilding the economy and a great deal has been achieved.
Dida went down clutching his face and was stretchered off, clearly feigning injury.
Galliani said: "I believe it is fair - Dida made a mistake but his error did not hinder anyone, not Celtic, nor any player.
Dida was found to have breached Uefa's "principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship".
Dida went down after a Celtic supporter ran onto the pitch in the final stages of the match and appeared to make light contact with the Brazilian.
Dida was carried off on a stretcher after a Celtic fan who ran on to the pitch following Scott McDonald's winner for Celtic.