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DBHDiameter at Breast Height (forestry)
DBHDatabase Handle
DBHDesign by Humans (t-shirts)
DBHDepartment of Building and Housing (New Zealand)
DBHDoctor of Behavioral Health (Arizona State University)
DBHDopamine Beta-Hydroxylase
DBHDivision of Behavioral Health
DBHDisk Based Hashtables (computer programming)
DBHDeath Becomes Her (movie)
DBHDatenbank Bremische Häfen (German logistics company)
DBHDieselbedrijf Hardinxveld (Dutch supplier)
DBHDessinateur Bâtiment Handicap (French: Handicap Building Designer)
DBHDay Berry Howard (law firm; aka Day Pitney)
DBHDihydroxybenzoic Acid
DBHDirected by Headquarters (US Air Force)
DBHDeath by Hanging
DBHDays Before Harvest/Heading
DBHDouble-Barrier Heterostructure
DBHDynamic Batch Heuristic
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The tree measured 8 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH) and yielded one face cord.
Height and diameter at breast height (DBH) of the nest tree were measured with a clinometer and DBH tape, respectively.
In the adult phase, the Maripa palm is an erect, simple and cylindrical palm tree with no tillers, solitary, reaching in the adult phase 13 m of height, almost 100 cm in diameter at breast height (DBH), presents composite leaf, inflorescence, interfoliar bunch protected by persistent spatula that are modified leaves, fruit of the drupe type, containing from one to three seeds (MATOS, 2010).
Using proximity to pre-determined GPS points, 50 old-growth trees (stems with diameter at breast height (dbh) > 15 cm) were selected in 'chenopod mallee', a vegetation association dominated by Eucalyptus oleosa subsp.
In equations used to estimate individual growth, the volume is the dependent variable, associated with independent variables easily measured in the forest, such as diameter at breast height and plant height (MACHADO et al.
5 Trees larger than 8 diameter at breast height (DBH) shall not be cut.
The average diameter at breast height of eucalypt roosts was 123 cm ([+ or -] 23 cm, range = 88-168 cm), and the average height to hollow was 17.
According to Simon [24], diameter measurement, was done using diameter at breast height (dbh), because it was easier and had a strong correlation with other parameters such as basal area and the stem volume.
The diameter at breast height (DBH) varied from 110 to 178 mm with a mean of 135 mm.
We established a permanent plot located at Picea likiangensis forest in Shangri-La county, northwest of Yunnan province, China, from 2008 to 2012, and recorded all stems with the diameter at breast height (DBH) =5 cm, mapped the positions of corresponding stem bases.