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DACTDynamic Adaptive Compression Tool
DACTDigital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training
DACTDanish Audio Connect (audio manufacturer)
DACTData Automated Communications Terminal
DACTDiaminochlorotriazine (herbicide)
DACTDutch Association of Corporate Treasurers
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Tactics
DACTDissimilar Aircraft Combat Training
DACTData Accumulation Compression Technology
DACTDigital Automated Communications Terminal
DACTDownstream Aluminium Centre for Technology
DACTDisposable Absorption Collection Trunk (NASA)
DACTData Automated Control Terminal
DACTDisposable Absorbent Containment Trunk
DACTDeployable ACCS Component (NATO)
DACTDissimilar Aerial Combat Tactic
DACTData Acquisition Control and Telemetry
DACTData Automation Communications Terminal
DACTDiplomate American College of Theriogenology
DACTDéclaration d'Achèvement et de Conformité des Travaux (French: Statement of Work Completion and Compliance)
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In water systems, ATZ typically undergoes dealkylation to form desethylatrazine (DEA), desisopropylatrazine (DIA), and the terminal dealklylation product diaminochlorotriazine (DACT) (Nelson et al.
Evidence that atrazine and diaminochlorotriazine inhibit the estrogen/progesterone induced surge of luteinizing hormone in female Sprague-Dawley rats without changing estrogen receptor action.
METHODS: We administered an ATR metabolite mixture (AMM) containing ATR, hydroxyatrazine, diaminochlorotriazine, deethylatrazine, and deisopropylatrazine orally to pregnant Long-Evans rats at 0.
reported the atrazine metabolites diaminochlorotriazine (DAC), deisopropylatrazine (DIA), and deethylatrazine (DEA), as well as triazines (simazine and hexazinone) and two other herbicides (diuron and norflurazon) from all sites.