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DickDickcissel (bird species Spiza americana)
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Dick thought it remarkable that a painter should choose to work over an absinthe in a public cafe, and looked the man over.
Quite so,' said Dick, who was appalled by the feebleness of the production.
This compelled Whiskey Dick to rise again, and as an act of careless good breeding to drop his handkerchief in it.
That's it, that's just it, Miss Carr; you've hit it in the centre this time," said Whiskey Dick, now quite convinced that his attitude was not intended for eloquence, and shifting back to his own seat, hat and all; "that's tantamount to what I said to the boys just now.
Yes,' said Dick, 'she has a pretty face, a very pretty face.
A bat might see that, with the sun shining,' said Dick.
Since their return to England they had been frequently separated by the doctor's distant expeditions; but, on his return, the latter never failed to go, not to ASK for hospitality, but to bestow some weeks of his presence at the home of his crony Dick.
After his journey to the Thibet, the doctor had remained nearly two years without hinting at new explorations; and Dick, supposing that his friend's instinct for travel and thirst for adventure had at length died out, was perfectly enchanted.
Leslie and Dick settled down on the West place--Rose couldn't bear to part with her dear daughter
I never see Dick Moore but I want to run a knife clean through him.
Dick had been working at his Memorial long, at the same rate as I had seen him working at it, through the open door, when I came down, he was probably getting on very well indeed.
Dick, in answer, 'my compliments to her, and I - I believe I have made a start.