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DIDODay In, Day Out
DIDODrive In, Drive Out (song)
DIDODigital Images Delivered Online (Department of the History of Art; Indiana University; Bloomington, IN)
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Rahman on something else at his studio and he asked me if I'd like to collaborate on this song, for his soundtrack of 127 Hours ," Dido says.
Names for the queen varied considerably but might be Calpurnia, Medea, or Dido, legendary women of wealth and position.
If Dido had a time machine, she wouldn't go back to kill Hitler (that's so cliche and Tom Cruise, you know); she would rather erase all remnants of a once loving relationship that has turned into her own personal hell.
Dido in the Aeneid is a fascinating character, a wise and respectable ruler of a great civilization.
Dido also hinted we may hear her sing about her new passion on her next album.
At one point, when someone shouted out a question, Dido had one of her own back: ``This isn't quite the time for a conversation, is it?
DIDO has pulled out of her appearance at the Brit Awards later this month.
You can almost hear Philippa, Dido and Ben whispering, 'thank goodness for that', echoed by Philip wherever he is.
11) Dido kiralynenak Aeneasszal esett tortenete [Dido's Story with Aeneas], Sarospatak, 1784 = [Protestant School Dramas: see note (10/] II.
In Lucan's First Book, Dido and the two plays of Tamburlaine, Marlowe tends to veil his sources of influence so that he can inscribe his own voice on the texts through his conflict with those sources.
Morris's collaboration with Sweete was so successful that the two went on to film an adaptation of Dido and Aeneas.