DIDONDiffusion De Donnes (French Data Broadcasting System)
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PAR is also working on appraisal and planning programs for development of the Zarat and Didon North fields.
The relative capacity index is also a strong function of condensing and evaporating temperatures as shown by Domanski arid Didon (1994) [5]: however, it is the difference between these temperatures, the temperature lift, rather than the individual temperatures that affects the performance of a liquid-suction heat exchanger.
I had turned down offers to sing Didon before," she says.
Se cio non fosse, era il dolore assai per muover Cloto ad inasparle il filo; o, qual Didon, finia col ferro i guai; o la regina splendida del Nilo avria imitata con mortifer sonno: ma le fate morir sempre non ponno.
En ce sens, l'ampleur de << 3000 ans d'histoire >> (16) et la resonance de noms puniques celebres tels que Hannibal, Hasdrubal, Jugurtha et la reine Didon sont implicitement restitues dans l'imaginaire des Tunisiens, voire dans leurs corps, des que le spectacle commence.
The date of Didon se sacrifiant (Dido's Sacrifice) is not known, but it is thought to have been staged around 1560.
MARIE MELMOTTE (Shirley Henderson) arrives in Liverpool with her maid, Didon (Lilo Baur), on the first stage of eloping to New York.
837 B: "Ainsi nous troublent l'ame les plaintes des fables; et les regrets de Didon et d'Ariadne passionnent ceux mesmes qui ne les croient point en Virgile et en Gatulle.
60) Dick MacLean's Guide, 113; and, see Pino Didon, "A Candid Interview: Philliponi Disapproves of Nudity," L'Eco D'Italia, 20 January 1978, 1-3, 8.
C'est bien d'insister, dans la perspective de l'anthropologie structuraliste, sur les avatars de Medee dans Hypsipyle, Didon, Ino, etc.
Noelin Lewis Joseph Didon - July 16th 1965 to 14th March, 1985 worked in Treasury of Seychelles as accounts clerk, senior examiner of accounts, chief cashier, licensing officer, treasury accountant and acting deputy accountant general.
Chinese ambassador Shi Zhongjun, Principal Secretaries Anne Lafortune (for Tourism) and Benjamine Rose (for Culture), Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Naiken, Deputy Chief Executive Nathalie Didon, Principal of the academy Flavien Joubert, and members of the tourism private industry trade also participated in the lunch.