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DIGIMONDigital Monster
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Dragon Ball and Digimon are now playing to British audiences, and both are following closely in the hugely successful footsteps of Pokemon, the globally ubiquitous cartoon series that spawned video games, trading cards and a host of other manifestations that rake in millions in merchandising profits.
To the uninitiated, and that's anyone with an age in double figures, Digimon are mini monsters that live in an alternate digital world.
Digimon, short for digital monsters, are the latest animation craze.
YOUR fabulous Sunday People has come up trumps again with a great new giveaway for Digimon fans - the latest cartoon phenomenon sweeping the country.
Digimon: The Movie introduces Diabormon, a powerful new mega-nasty Digimon who threatens to take over the world through the Internet.
Because when my son goes on the chat lines to discuss everything from Harry Potter to Digimon, there is some pervert out there recording his email address.
Digimon are flesh-and-blood creatures that moved into our world as Digi-eggs.
s toys, including some of the most popular kids brands such as Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, Digimon and Gundam, is generating excitement and recognition from the top parenting, consumer and toy industry experts and publications.
You can train your Digimon on the LCD screen then when it is ready for battle, simply connect with another Digimon or Digivice and let battle commence (pounds 12.
hard-core Digimon fans but like everyone else, they believe that their