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DCCSDimensional Change Card Sort (executive function assessment method)
DCCSDelaware County Christian School (Newtown Square, PA)
DCCSDigital Cross Connect System
DCCSDundas Calvin Christian School (Canada)
DCCSDefense Information Infrastructure (DII) Communications Channel Server
DCCSDelta College Corporate Services
DCCSDaimler Chrysler Computing Services
DCCSDepartmental Committee on Computer Security (New Zealand)
DCCSDeputy Commander of Clinical Services (US Army)
DCCSSenior Chief Damage Controlman (Naval Rating)
DCCSDistributed Command and Control System
DCCSDevon Catering & Cleaning Services (UK)
DCCSDigital Command Control Standards
DCCSDefense Communications Control System
DCCSData Communication & Control System
DCCSDeployable Combat Supply System
DCCSDesignated Constellation Control Station
DCCSDigital Cellular Communications Systems
DCCSDaily Changing Call Sign
DCCSDirect Current Counter Shock
DCCSData Center Connectivity Solutions
DCCSData Center Central Support (Alcatel-Lucent)
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NASDAQ/NM symbol: ECIL) announced today additional orders to supply its T::DAX digital cross connect systems to Korea's Incumbent Local Exchange, Korea Telecom (KT), and Korea's largest cellular operator, SKT.
These high-performing solutions offer design engineers of SONET and SDH Transmission Systems, Optical Networking Equipment, DWDM, ATM Networking and Digital Cross Connect Systems reduced power, board space, cost and development time for 2.
Ixia's MSM product line targets the performance, scalability, and functional validation of Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms, Multi-Service Switching Platforms, Edge and Core Routers, Digital Cross Connect Systems, and Add and Drop Multiplexers.
11 Wireless, Point to Point Wireless, Ethernet over copper, CWDM, passive connectivity, digital cross connect systems, power products, cable, routers, ethernet switching and more.
11 Wireless, Point to Point Wireless, Ethernet, CWDM, passive connectivity, digital cross connect systems, power products, cable, routers, Ethernet switching and more.
By deploying the OSX-6000, carriers can reduce capital costs by two-thirds over legacy Digital Cross Connect Systems (DCS).
She will discuss the evolution of digital cross connect systems in traditional and modern telecommunications networks and how they underlie essential revenue-generating services.
NASDAQ/NM symbol: ECIL) announced today a US $7 million contract from a leading Israeli Cellular operator, Pelephone, to supply its T::DAX(R) All-Band(TM) Digital Cross Connect systems.
The device handles signals at STS-3 (Synchronous Transport Level 2) and STM-1 (Synchronous Transport Module 1) rates and can be used in applications such as Digital Cross Connect Systems (DCCS), Remote Access Concentrators (RAC), Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs), Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier Systems (NGDLC), ATM Frame Relay and T1/E1 Terminal, or Add and Drop Multiplexers to support remote access, e-Commerce and ISP services.
It also enabled the public operator to cap investment in older, low-speed digital cross connect systems.
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