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DIOSDesorption-Ionization on Silicon
DIOSDurable Inorganic Optical System (liquid crystal display projection system)
DIOSDistal Intestinal Obstructive Syndrome
DIOSDirect Iron Ore Smelting
DIOSDistributed Input/Output System
DIOSLesbian Degree of Involvement and Overtness Scale
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Madre de Dios,' he said, 'comes now the soul of Ramon Gallegos.
Hoi kuboi Dios aei eupiptousi,--The dice of God are always loaded.
Dios me posee constantemente como si yo fuera su ramera .
5 -- 6 -- color) Jose Suria prays with the congregation at Iglesia Del Dios Vivo in February, as Tiffany Velazquez yawns.
16 EA, 245: "Prometo a Dios Nuestro Senor que procurare, cuanto me sea posible, buscar toda aquellas ocasiones de martirio que no sean repugnantes a la ley de Dios.
Throughout the United States, Latin America and Spain, hundred of thousands of people hear the preaching of the Gospel through the Una Cita Con Dios program, on Radio and Television.
De Dios has been with Coopera since its inception and most recently served as vice president.
After so many years being Dios Salve a la Reina, when you take a deep breath and think how much our life has changed over the years, you suddenly realise how important Liverpool and The Cavern are to us," says the band's lead singer Freddie (aka Pablo Padin).
Named "Liv" after the daughter of Oscar Dios, the airplane ended its 36-year-old flying career in 2002 after flying in the colours of Singapore and Pan American plus a series of charter operations later.
We are particularly pleased to enter into this collaboration with Dios for this exciting first-in-class technology that has already shown promising signs of activity.
The previous and or historic reserve and resource estimates for the Dios Padre Mine vary significantly due to the nature of the work completed and the availability and access to underground sections of the mine.
Guadalupe, Mexico's first team in the series final since 1985, loaded the bases in the fourth, but Fabian struck out two pinch hitters and de Dios Garza lined to second.