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DISDefense Investigative Service (US)
DISDisney (stock symbol)
DISDistributed Interactive Simulation
DISDepartment of Information Services (Washington state)
DISDisability Studies
DISDaytona International Speedway
DISDistribution At
DISDigital Image Stabilization
DISDriver Information System
DISDansk Internationalt Skibsregister (Danish)
DISDistributorless Ignition System
DISDéchets Industriels Spéciaux (French: Special Industrial Waste; environmental regulation)
DISDeep Inelastic Scattering
DISDefence Industrial Strategy (UK)
DISDatorhjälp I Släktforskningen (Sweden)
DISDraft International Standards
DISData and Information System
DISData Interpretation System
DISDirect Ignition System (automotive)
DISDigital Imaging System
DISDefense Information System
DISDistributed Information System
DISDefense Industrial Security
DISDirector of Information Systems
DISDocument Imaging System
DISDesignated Instruction and Services (California)
DISDigital Identification Signal
DISDevelopment Information System (USAID)
DISData Information Service
DISDepartmental Investment Strategy (UK)
DISDesignated Intermediate System
DISDivision of Independent Study
DISDefense Intelligence Staff
DISDynamic Impedance Stabilization
DISdaily intelligence summary (US DoD)
DISDead in Shell (egg-laying)
DISDefense Intelligence Service
DISDecision Information Sciences
DISDental Investigation Service (USAF)
DISDivision of International Services (Office of Research Services; US NIH)
DISData Inventory Service
DISDistribution Information System
DISDouane-Informatiesysteem (Dutch: Customs Information System)
DISDistributed Input System
DISDynamic Importance Sampling
DISDigital Imaging Spectroscopy (high-throughput screening of enzyme variants)
DISDigital Information Society
DISDefense Information Service
DISDisease Investigation Specialist
DISDirector of Installation Support
DISDigital Integration System
DISDisruption Impact Simulator
DISDaylight Imaging System
DISDirectorate of Installation Services
DISDokumenten Informations System
DISData Indicate Stopped
DISDnet Internet Services
DISData Item Specification
DISDouble Ising Spin Model
DISDeionized Water System
DISDefense Instrumentation System
DISDrug Investigation Support Unit
DISDirectory Information System
DISDefined Input Sequence
DISDefense Intelligence System
DISData Inquiry System
DISDPS Interface Server
DISDetachable Input Stream
DISDeutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit Ev (German Institution of Arbitration)
DISDigital Imaging Surveillance
DISDocument Image Solutions (France)
DISDéveloppement Industrie Service (French: Industry Development Service)
DISDéveloppement Informatique Service (French: Development Information Service)
DISDépartement Informatique et Statistique (French: Department of Computer Science and Statistics)
DISDipartimento di Ingegneria Strutturale (Italian: Department of Structural Engineering)
DISDelta Industrie Service (French transportation software)
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RouteOne, now fully integrated with the DIS dealer management systems, compliments and secures the accuracy of the information they require to close their deals.
The outlook DIs for two to three months ahead were lower in East China and Hong Kong, but were higher than August everywhere else in these regions.
The forums and councils, developed by personnel in the DIS field program and by their counterparts in private industry, respond to a need for threat information.
To continue Millis' legacy, DIS established a Keith D.
Carlton of Cognos, 617-229-6600 or Rick Bearden of DIS Corporation, 360-733-7610/
This information is necessary to enable DIS to make arrangements and provide guidance on the method of transfer.
The DIS has established connectivity to the State Government Network (SGN) at the LLIX facility.
Some argued against DIS and said there were already enough trade associations," said Sam Carter, Jr.
DIS is the wide-area communications technology that has grown out of SIMNET, the innovative system of networked tank, armored vehicle, aircraft and other simulators of which Perceptronics was an original developer.
However, aside from the plethora of Disney products now lining my daughter's toy chest, DIS has found its way into the news today.
DIS will provide the operators, systems management, and the technical support to successfully complete the 1,000,000 image conversion.
Jack) Hall, incoming executive director of the DIS.