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D/WDish Washer (appliance)
D/WDon't Worry
D/WDiscussed With (medical records)
D/WDock Warrant
D/WDeposit/Withdrawal (financial transaction)
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There was abundance of such hunters' fare as the neighborhood furnished; and it was all discussed with mountain appetites.
It was a time of plenty in the camp; of prime hunters' dainties; of buffalo humps, and buffalo tongues; and roasted ribs, and broiled marrow-bones: all these were cooked in hunters' style; served up with a profusion known only on a plentiful hunting ground, and discussed with an appetite that would astonish the puny gourmands of the cities.
The examiners' responsibilities are discussed with regard to payment system risk and electronic funds transfer.
This is what we discussed with the last team, if we do it this way, we'll come to a better and quicker determination.
Self help groups for people with vision impairments is discussed with emphasis on how they evolved, what services they provide to individuals, and how to form a self-help group.