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DIDrill Instructor
DIData In
DIDue In
DIDas Ist (German: that is)
DIDestiNation ImagiNation
DIDigital Input
DIDirect Injection (connection of an electrical musical instrument to a mixer)
DIDigital Intermediate
DIDisability Insurance
DIDisability Income
DIData Item
DIDigitally Imported (internet radio)
DIDiagnostic Imaging
DIDependency Injection
DIDirect Instruction
DIDrug Interaction
DIDigital Interface
DIDaily Intake (nutrition; various organizations)
DIDistilled (water)
DIDocument Imaging
DIDrug Induced
DIDiscovery Institute
DIDivine Intervention (World of Warcraft; band)
DIDig It (Beatles song)
DIDeath Index
DIData Integrator
DIDagens Industri (Swedish newspaper)
DIDesert Inn (Las Vegas)
DIDivine Inspiration (band)
DIDuctile Iron
DIDifferentiated Instruction (education)
DIDisplay Interface
DIDirect Injection (CAT)
DIDetective Inspector
DIData Interchange
DIDiabetes Insipidus (water diabetes)
DIDeionized (Water)
DIDramatic Interpretation
DIDonor Insemination
DIInternal Diameter
DIDefense Information
DIDance Instructor
DIDietetic Internship
DIDual Immersion (education)
DIDirectorate of Intelligence
DIDefense Investment (various organizations)
DIDigital Imagery
DIDramatiska Institutet (Swedish university for arts and media)
DIDesign Interface
DIDirectional Influence (gaming)
DIDisability Index
DIDiplomi Insinööri (Finnish Degree)
DIDirection Indicator (aviation)
DIDegree of Integration
DIData Interoperability
DIDestructive Interference (physics)
DIDestination Index
DIDouble Integral
DIDentinogenesis Imperfecta
DIDouble Insulated
DIDisabled Individual
DIDesign Instruction
DIDyslexia Institute (UK)
DIDynamic Interface
DIDeseret Industries
DIDocument Identifier
DIDetrusor Instability
DIDiscussion Item
DIDisable Interrupt (assembly language instruction)
DIDeflation-Inflation (volcanic tilt event0
DIDelay Insensitive
DIDielectric Isolation
DIDirector of Investigations
DIDéchets Inertes (French: Inert Waste; nuclear energy)
DIDevelopment Item
DIDistinctive Insignia
DIDeMolay International
DIDistrict Inspector
DIDuo Interpretation (oratorical exercise)
DIDirector of Investments
DIDismounted Infantry
DIDriver Identification
DIDelay Index
DIDestiny Islands (video game Kingdom Hearts)
DIDomain Integration
DIDamage Incorporated (gaming clan)
DIDamage Incorporated (computer game)
DIDental Index
DIDistribution Interface
DIDiagnostic Inspection
DIDiastolic Interval
DIDoppler Index
DIDrunk and Incapable
DIDecoder Identification
DIDiameter-Inch (welding production for piping construction)
DIDiscrete Identifier (US DoD)
DIDirecting Implementation (common feature; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
DIDebt Indicator
DIDorsal Interossei
DIDate Integrity
DIDrainage Inlet
DIDesignated Inspection
DIDry Injection
DIDIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Directorate for Intelligence Production (US DoD)
DIDesktop Instructions
DIDesk Instructions
DIDiscipline Instructor
DIDrugs Inspector (India)
DIDelay Indefinite
DIDiodes for Isolation
DIDesignation Indicator
DIDangerous Impoundment
DIDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate for Analysis (US DoD)
DIDormitory Inspection
DIDeparture Approval Request for IFR Flight
DIDependability/Directivity Index
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Conditions that can be fully addressed during an inspection and shown to the inspector prior to closeout can result in a discussion item on an EIR rather than an observation on an FDA Form 483.
Table 4 shows the descriptive statistics for the number of messages posted per student for each discussion item.
For example, in one discussion item, learners might be asked to think about how an iceberg is analogous to the instructional development process.
Principle discussion item was the development of the next in a series of market research studies that will assist agri-marketers in developing their marketing and communications plans, plus other resources the Council can make available to them.
The issue came up as a discussion item for the statewide commission because of a spat between rural Colusa County and the Yuba Community College District, which had a remote center located in Colusa, but then eliminated it due to budget cuts.
However, some suggestions for improvement were noted, which were also the focus of a discussion item at the recent ICM Council meeting, so work will continue on this area.
This discussion item could produce corporate governance-style guidelines, including rules to process citizens' opinions, opinion surveys and assessments of leaders' performances, said Joseph Cheng, a political science professor at City University in Hong Kong.
A major discussion item also included a report on the preliminary results of the UCC first-ever membership survey that is being redistributed to all UCC members.
The Sosa incident was a hot discussion item at the breakfast table among attendees at the conference.
The instructor whose module was being covered was responsible for posting the discussion item.
The letter asks the bishops to recommend that the proposal for a plenary council be put on the agenda as a discussion item at the November meeting of the U.
One good discipline is marking each agenda item as an information-only item, a discussion item, a decision item or a status report.