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D2TDisk-to-Tape (data storage backup)
D2TDramatic Dream Team (professional wrestling promotion; Japan; also seen as DDT)
D2TDrecq Daniel Technologies
D2TDecoupled Truncated Tip
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There are multiple ways to manage the creation of physical media from disk-to-tape (D2T).
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC), supplier of intelligent storage solutions for the open system market, announced recently an expansion of its Pathlight VX disk-to-tape backup solution that will bring the benefits of disk performance, RAID fault tolerance, and an integrated path to tape to a larger community of IT end users.
With Pathlight VX, IT departments that manage from a few hundred gigabytes of data to many terabytes can now take advantage of a fully integrated disk-to-tape backup system.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced recently that it has begun shipping production units of its integrated disk-to-tape backup solution, the ADIC Pathlight VX.
Since it isn't multiplexing backup data from multiple backup clients on one tape, disk-to-tape copying efficiently organizes backup data by client, which speeds up the recovery process.
Disk-to-disk backup is now a viable enhancement, or alternative, to disk-to-tape operations--due to the emergence of ATA-based disk arrays that are lower in price than tape libraries, as well as the performance advantages of disk drives over tape.
The method used by the backup command to access data from the disk may also limit the disk-to-tape transfer rates, since most file systems write files to disk using small blocksizes.
With SANs in play, you have a tape appliance that snaps into a tape environment that calls for disk-to-tape direct backup.