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DISODepartmental Individual Standing Offer (Public Works and Government Services Canada)
DISODefence Information Services Organization
DISOdefense intelligence support office (US DoD)
DISODual-Input/Single-Output (mechanical engineering)
DISODesperately in Search Of (game trading forums)
DISODivision Information Security Officer (various companies)
DISODistrict Information Systems Office (Florida)
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We found him on Wednesday living at a converted Catholic convent in the tiny village of Marittima di Diso, on the coast of Otranto.
and product development experience, and DISO with its worldwide presence and
The scores: Rio-Tayar (72) Batioco 21, Osmena 12, Villalon 8, Siason 8, Valle 7, Noguera 7, Fasoy 4, Alrana 3, Mercado 2, Repuno 1 Al-Tayar (78) Diso 18, Sandoval 17, Aquino 12, Bundalian 7, Santiago 6, Bautista 3, Nicolas 3, Gonzales 2, Carino 2 Sleep High (87) Gemino 19, Bautista 13, Basilao 11, Kanti 10, Dagohoy 8, Abubo 8, Monteza 7, Delio 7, Mabarit 4, Jimenez 2, Vista 2, Calangin 2, Dagoy 2 Tawzea (70) Sibayan 20, Morin 19, Mohamad 14, Bautista 9, Managbanag 3, Parame 3, Cardona 2 PSF (77) Morada 21, Almin 12, Bona 10, Tejada 10, Gervacio 8, Columna 8, Nievarez 2, Gonzaga 2, Toquero 2, Baotas 2 Almutlak (68) Pangilinan 15, Magno 15, Ampong 10, Caspe 10, Valencia 56, Balboa 5, Saludes 4, Francisco 3
Diso (2005), was to network and connect, at least, 21 federal universities to the virtual library project within five years.
18, "The delegation that consists of 18 persons includes archeologist Katrine Diso, who had visited Iraq in 1970, has visited Muthana University discussing with its President Ghazi al-Khateeb, the possibilities of bilateral cooperation in the field of antiquities' excavation.
The ECO rubber (Epichlomer C) was supplied by Diso Co and the nanoclay used was Cloisite 30B, which was a natural [Na.
No matter what stage of an eating diso r d e r you're at you need to speak to someone.
Venuta, F , Giacomo, T , Rendina, E , Ciccone, A , Diso, D , Perrone, A , Parola, D , Anile, M y Coloni, G 2005 Bronchoscopic lung-volume reduction with one way valves in patients with heterogeneous emphysema.
5 Celo e tera a lu obleixo e la scritiira en parla e diso che l'e flor del paraiso: d'ogna altro el e maisto e 'n cel si regna.
Alem diso, o modelo permite ampla flexibilidade na construcao dos elementos da hierarquia e das matrizes de julgamentos de pesos e de risco.
2003b); a = edad de primera reproduccion (Eisenberg y Redford, 1999); b = edad de ultima reproduccion (estimado segun Maffei, 2003; 2004); DIso = densidad estimada en Isoso (huellas, telemetria, trampas-camara) (Ayala, 2003; Noss, 2000; Noss et al.