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Also, with steady increase not just in real wages but also in disposable incomes, where Americans earned over $ 38 thousand disposable income per capita in 2015, per capita spending towards buying sports equipment has increased over the last few years in the country.
where DIpcjt is urban disposable income per capita (measured in national currency, RMB) and Xjt is a set of control variables that include number of vehicles (VEH), industrial electricity output (ELECT) and population density (POPden).
Real personal disposable income per capita is a more limited concept of income per capita.
4pc, as well as a rising disposable income per capita.
4 per cent, as well as a rising disposable income per capita.
5 per cent, while the annual disposable income per capita reached $30,000 in 2014.
Between 2009-2014 average disposable income per capita increased by 46 per cent to reach $29,000 (Dh106,430), she said.
Weak economic conditions and, consequently, lower gross household disposable income per capita led to a slowdown in outbound tourism in Mexico, registering annual growth of 2.
He hailed a "hat-trick of good news about the British economy", with household disposable income per capita up strongly, consumer confidence at its highest level for over 12 years and living standards now higher than at the time of the last election in May 2010.
In 2013 the World Bank estimated that the per capita GDP (in Qatar) reached $136,727, representing the highest level of disposable income per capita in the world.
Standard & Poor's thinks disposable income per capita might be higher, however, given the country's sizable shadow economy.
According to The OECD better life index, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita in Chile is $13,762 per annum.
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